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When a customer comes to Salty Dog Gallery and chooses to buy a painting by Watercolor Artist Philip S. Steel or one of our fine guest artists, I always like to learn what it was about art that appealed to them. Many are attracted to nautical paintings and particularly enjoy seascape paintings, ocean art and ship paintings. The ships can be sailing vessels or working watermen’s boats or cruising boats often used for fishing.

I have been an Interior Designer for much of my life and as such have been asked by many clients to help them find, purchase and install great collectable art. When a customer chooses to buy seascape paintings , it is often because being able to enjoy these paintings in their homes or their offices brings back memories of stress free times spent by the sea.

Sometimes I am asked by a customer to help them decide where a painting or a collection of paintings should be hung. My first advice is don’t just measure the space behind the sofa. Each work of art should be displayed where it will be most enjoyed and in a way that most compliments the Artist’s work. A large work of art should be able to be viewed from a distance at least as far away as the painting’s width wether this is four feet, five feet or more. Also remember where the Artist has established the horizon in nautical paintings. This horizon should be at the viewers eye level not high above their head or below their waist. Many seascape paintings in a collection will compliment each other especially when they share intensity of color and detail. This is one reason that I recommend not hanging oils and watercolors together. Even within a grouping of oil paintings or watercolor paintings, the one that has the most dominant color will tend to overpower the quieter paintings and may detract from their beauty.

In order to be able to rehang paintings in my gallery and also in our residence, I use track lighting that I can set at an angle and distance to best display each work of art and that can be moved as I install new artwork. A great way to compliment a painting with lighting is to capture the way the artist directed light as the work was painted. This will compliment the shadows in the painting. If track lighting does not work for you, try installing a ceiling spotlight that will minimize the light glare on the surface of the painting.

When you are planning your trip to Maine, please include a visit to Salty Dog Gallery in Southwest Harbor. Although Philip S. Steel is known as a watercolor artist because he teaches watercolor, he is also an oil painter and draws cartoons. Cartoons is how Salty Dog came into existence. Phil started cartooning this dog when he was seven and because of his color, he was named Mustard. Phil grew up and went into the Navy, so did Mustard, hence the "Salty Dog".

Salty Dog Gallery always has a wonderful selection works by Watercolor Artists, Oil Painters and Sculptors. Plan time to enjoy these works and to meet the artists in residence. This might be just the time to begin your collection of Ocean Art.

Joan Crawford Steel

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